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, Prior to that, he has worked as a Research and Development Engineer at Telecom ParisTech, addition, he holds a M.Eng. in Telecommunications and a M.Sc. on Research in Computer Science from IMT Atlantique, 2017.

, Ada Diaconescu is Assistant Professor

T. Paristech, She was a visiting scientist at Leibniz University in Hanover in 2016 and 2017. Her research interests include autonomic, self-adaptive, self-organising and complex systems, and the impact of technology in socio-technical systems, General Co-Chair of IEEE ICAC, 2005.

, 2011-2012. He has been General Co-Chair of WiOpt 2017. He is working on cellular networks, wireless networks, ad hoc networks, cognitive networks, Internet of things, focusing mainly on performance evaluation, optimization and resource management, 2000.

, Later on, he worked in digital video startups, and then in the automotive industry. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University Paris-Dauphine; his thesis work was carried out at INRIA in the field of Computer Vision. He also holds an MBA degree from University Paris-Sorbonne. His research interests include image processing, Bertrand Leroy leads the VEDECOM research group dedicated to Mobility Data Sensing and Processing